Carol Rich: Communication
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We all want to be understood
Whether it’s a website or a journal article, an ad or a technical manual, a brochure or a newsletter -- your message gets across best when it’s clear and error-free.

Carol Rich is a freelance writer with a goal: writing and editing copy that helps your business succeed.

If your company is located outside of the US but you want to market your products to an American audience, I can write and edit your materials to make them strong, understandable sales tools.

Even when the English is technically correct, I can make a difference by ensuring that it’s current US-style.

Find out how I can improve your company’s communications with US customers.

I have 15-plus years of experience in my specialty -- creating promotional copy for industrial and technical products. Here’s what sets me apart as a freelance writer: even when I don’t have the technical knowledge to understand a subject in detail, I can still write about it.

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